I was suffering badly from arthritis on my knees and the only solution was to go to the doctors and face an operation.

My wife suggested I tried acupuncture first so I booked up to see John. I had 5 sessions and was able to play rounders with my grandchildren again and walk up and down hills on holiday with no pain at all. I was able to sleep at night without my knees hurting. It is wonderful to be able to move normally again thanks to acupuncture.

Bill (Tiptree).

I recommend acupuncture to anyone who has arthritis of the knees.

Six months ago I could hardly walk but since a course of acupuncture I have been able to go shopping in London for 6 hours! Something I couldn’t even think about it before. I no longer need my car to go shopping and get around every day thanks to the acupuncture I have had.

I recently enjoyed a NINE DAY walking holiday in Italy without pain.

Sandra (Tiptree).

Dear John,

Sufficient time has gone by I think, to safely say my bout of neuritis, (inflammation of the nerves in the neck with dreadful pain referred down the arm) has had its day! I no longer have any pain and my left arm has regained its strength and the pins and needles have also gone.

Thank you very much for all your efforts in hastening its departure. I am very grateful for your care and attention. Have recommended your services to my neighbour, (name supplied), his wife and others!

There is a ‘pint’ for you and yours in the ‘Crown’ should your course bring you through the village!

Thanks John


Will. (Name and address supplied).

I recently consulted John following a GP appointment to discuss knee pain.  The GP advised that I needed a knee replacement operation.  I wasn’t keen to undergo such invasive treatment, and sought advice from John.

John assessed my condition, and advised that he could help to reduce the pain level and increase mobility. After the very first treatment the pain reduced to such a level that for the first time in a year I was able to have an uninterrupted night’s sleep – which was very welcome!

I also have a diagnosis for Crohn’s disease and have been treated for this condition for the past 30+ years. John recommended that I try a grain free diet, providing advice, guidance and resources to assist me, and this has resulted in a massive reduction in symptoms and pain levels.

I am so grateful for the sound advice John has provided which has greatly increased my quality of life.

Having lived with a high level of pain for so long, it was a revelation to be able to thoroughly enjoy life again. I would recommend the Back Pain Clinic highly.

Lauri – (Name and address supplied).