Manipulation along with mobilisation is most often used to help alleviate

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Neck,(cervical) pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Lower limb pain

Manipulation is recommended when something feels ‘stuck’ or out of joint and you’re in pain. The therapist will usually mobilise (passively move) the affected area to loosen it up and then perform a quick thrust to help ‘unlock’ the area. Interferential electro-therapy machines are very helpful in relaxing the surrounding muscles and killing pain.

You can call in to the clinic or ring up to arrange a 15 minute free consultation in which you can discuss your problem without any obligation to have a treatment.


Many people think manipulation is the sole province of osteopaths and chiropractors but this isn’t true.Manipulation is as old as the hills. I have seen it performed in karate and judo gyms, among dancers and all athletes who feel the need to ‘release’ something.It is true that physiotherapists manipulate but it really is not their forté as they train to assist doctors rehabilitate their patients and manipulation is a small part of their syllabus whereas an osteopath will spend 4/5 years learning how and more importantly why to manipulate and how to specifically manipulate a particular segment of the spine.

Manipulation is very much a “hands on” technique and I personally often spend as much as 20 minutes mobilising someone’s spine with a view to manipulating a particular joint which is compromised. If your practitioner is simply ‘cracking’ your back without first of all mobilising and massaging it you may have a strong reaction to the treatment afterward. It should never be difficult and need a massive thrust to achieve an adjustment.

I personally, don’t think that it is dangerous to self-manipulate if you know how but it isn’t specific and might lead to muscle and ligament strains if done over-enthusiastically.

I practice as a Back Pain Specialist and not as an osteopath although I qualified in Osteopathy in 1978. I now combine ALL of the techniques which I have learned over 39 years to help my patients get well.