Allergy or Food Sensitivity Testing is very often helpful for the treatment of

  •  Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic tiredness and depression
  • Obesity
  •  Chronic headaches
  •  Fungal problems, like Athlete’s Foot, Thrush, Cystitis
  •  Hyperactivity in children and adolescents

Often the people who have allergies are poly-symptomatic which basically means they have lots of symptoms which are difficult to treat with conventional medicine. Usually your doctor likes to treat one symptom at a time and then proceed to the next but ‘allergy’ sufferers tend to have many, interlinked symptoms which they are often too shy to fully explain to their doctor.

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Food Sensitivity, Allergy and NaturopathyMuch has been written and debated about the role of “allergy” in modern life.Doctors Rinkel, Randolph and Zeller wrote the book ‘Food Allergy’ in the late 1950’s and defined, probably for the first time the problem of “maladaptation” to many foods which would mimic symptoms of various diseases and allergies. This was a book which changed my life and the course of my work as a Naturopath.I was taught that “Only Nature Heals” and that should a patient be returned to a more ‘natural’ diet and way of life, very often good health or as we prefer to call it ‘homeostasis’ would ensue. ‘Balance in all Things’ was the maxim by which I was taught and to this day I believe it to be so.

However, in my first years in practice I noted that most of my patients would respond favorably and with gratitude to my ministrations but a significant minority would relapse and return for more help. Very often I would be unable to assist these people-that is until I learned about Food Intolerance and Sensitivity.

Another milestone book was “Not All in the Mind” written by an Australian doctor, practising as a Psychiatrist in England by the name of Dr. Richard Mackarness. His words fascinated me. He was able to treat the worst kinds of schizophrenia and depression by avoidance of certain foods. I was astounded to read this and to this day am deeply grateful for “Mac’s” work.

Simply stated, many modern day diseases are the product of “masked sensitivity” to the more common foods in our diets. This is hard to believe for most people and especially conventional medical doctors who are all but blind to this truth. I find this understandable because a medical degree is mostly a study of symptomatology and its negation using drugs. The doctor’s art is that of differential diagnosis and prescription.

In the light of this new knowledge and its pursuit through many courses, discussions and books, my work took on a new urgency and I began to have new, spectacular successes with little to no relapsing. Treating common foods as potential toxins with careful avoidance of one to several of them is still the best way to become and remain healthy.

Many other factors often come into play to further confound and complicate the picture, not least the possibility that the patient may have developed a weakened immune system due to chronic illness or repeated treatment by antibiotics which may render the human gut susceptible to an “infestation and/or colonisation” of a common fungus called Candida Albicans.

I have studied this subject for many years and I am a passionate advocate of a naturopathic way of life. I have lectured widely to many audiences on ‘Food Intolerance’ and I am a Founder Member of The British Society for Clinical Nutrition.